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Annual Summary of Accomplishments

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  • Visit the Washington Secretary of State's web site for Voter Information and General Election Results in Washington State races.

  • The Mason County Auditor posts Election Results for Mason County elections.

  • Visit Issues and Advocacy to learn more about LWV's position on Washington State issues and the League's legislative priorities for the current year.

  • The online television video archive at has information about Washington State issues and elections.

  • The documentary film Health Care, Money and Fear can be viewed online at . The film searches for answers to the questions: Why does our health care system cost so much? What does it say about us? What can we do about it? It was produced by a M.D. who practices emergency medicine in Corvallis, Oregon. Even though the Health Care Reform legislation has been signed into law, health care remains an important issue before American citizens and we hope this film will be a useful resource in the ongoing discussion.