Making Democracy Work

ALEC Local Study

After two years of investigative research, the LWVMC will introduce, through a series of programs, the impact ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) has had on the legislative process and where applicable, on the citizens of Washington State. Operating virtually unnoticed for 40 years, ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) has sought to influence and/or introduce legislation in every State Capitol. Corporations fund almost all of ALEC's operations. Members on ALEC's task forces, corporate lobbyists and special interest representatives vote with elected officials to approve "model" bills. Each year, ALEC distributes about a thousand draft model bills to legislators through its army of lobbyists and lawyers. And each year approximately 200 of these bills are signed into law.

This is a local study that differs significantly from the State or National studies that have consensus questions and effect LWV policy positions. Other local studies that LWVMC have conducted in the past were the County Advisory Group Study and the County Budget Study.

The introduction to the ALEC study was presented at the May general meeting. More specific topics will be covered at the general meetings beginning in September and continuing throughout the year. Click here for the overview What is ALEC and as a counterbalance, another group that drafts model legislation the National Conference of State Legislators or NCSL